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Automatically start a new tournament when the previous one has finished

AutoTourney is a project in Universal Paperclips.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This technology allows the automatic use of operations to create tournaments in order to obtain yomi.

While it is toggled to "On" AutoTourney will repetitively use operations to create and run tournaments. AutoTourney has a fixed pause between tournaments of approximately 4 seconds. For example, if running a tournament with the RANDOM strategy takes 1 second, running the tournament with AutoTourney will take 1 second, plus a 4 second pause to allow time to view the results, for a total of 5 seconds per tournament. If all the strategies from RANDOM through GREEDY have been purchased, each tournament take 16 seconds to complete, plus a 4 second pause to view the results, for a total of 20 seconds per tournament.

It is unlocked after Trust reaches 90, whether or not any strategies have been added.