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The cheats are programmed into the game. They can be accessed through the developer menu in Chrome by pressing F12, opening the "page" div, then the "leftColumn" div, then right-clicking, and selecting "Edit as HTML". Scroll down to the green section, and delete the HTML comment tags (the green "<!--", and the ending "-->".) This will open up the cheat codes.

Besides the obvious utility, the cheats are the only way to reset the game without Quantum Temporal Reversion (hard to do on the late game), although on Stage 1 you can also do Xavier Re-initialization. You can also edit the game state directly on local storage on your browser. See Resetting the game for tips.

Finding the cheats[edit | edit source]


The cheats as seen in-game[edit | edit source]

Cheats.PNG Game.paperclips=9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

Probe Design Trust Boost[edit | edit source]

Probe design trust can be forced to go past the maximum value eg: 44/40

To perform this bug set the trust to one below the maximum value and then click the up arrow as fast as possible (3+ above maximum trust is possible with regular clicking, 6+ above maximum trust is possible with an auto-clicker, 20+ above maximum trust is possible if you refresh the page with your autoclicker already running on the spot where the arrow will be.)

JavaScript Console Cheats[edit | edit source]

You can also cheat using the JavaScript Console, located in the developer menu.

Command Explanation
clips all total clips made
unusedClips always change this alongside clips
funds available funds
unsoldClips unsold inventory
clipsSold all sold clips
margin price per paperclip (in dollars)
marketingLvl marketing level
wire wire in inches
clipmakerLevel number of AutoClippers
megaClipperLevel number of MegaClippers
trust Trust
processors Processors
memory Memory
standardOps Operations
creativityOn whether getting creativity is enabled
creativity amount of creativity
yomi Yomi
availableMatter All available matter
totalMatter Total matter
acquiredMatter All acquired matter
foundMatter All found matter
processedMatter Wire
factoryLevel how many factories you have
harvesterLevel how many harvester drones you have
wireDroneLevel how many wire drones you have
boredomLevel how bored the swarm is becoming
boredomFlag whether the swarm is currently bored
giftCountdown how long till the next gift
nextGift what the next gift is
maxTrust Max Trust
honor Honor
probeTrust Probe trust bought
probeUsedTrust Probe trust being used
probeSpeed Probe speed
probeNav Probe exploration
probeRep Probe Replication
probeHaz Probe hazard remediation
probeFac factory production
probeWire wire drone production
probeCombat Probe combat
refresh() Refreshes all the newly cheated values
reset() resets all progress
hypnoDroneEvent() Enters stage 2

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