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Funds are the primary business metric on Stage 1 of Universal Paperclips.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Funds are the first exchange metric of this game. Your Available Funds are shown in the first line of the Business section, and are given in dollar amounts. Without funds you cannot buy wire, AutoClippers or MegaClippers, and you cannot invest in the market.

Funds are first generated by selling your paperclips (See Public Demand, Price Per Clip, Marketing), and afterwards, mainly by investments.

Once in Stage 2 of the game you will lose all funds and there will be no counter for funds.

Low funds[edit | edit source]

If your available funds get too low to buy wire, you will have to Beg for More Wire, which costs 1 trust per spool. This is a very undesirable result, to be avoided at all costs (see the rising costs of extra trust by clip milestones on the Trust page). WireBuyer cannot work if there is no money in Available Funds, even if you still have money in Investments. To avoid this, you can:

  • Keep a positive inventory so you can generate more funds from your unsold clips
  • Keep some reserves on your investments account so you can recover them later.