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Honor is a combat mechanic unlocked by Name the battles

Honor is used to increase Max Trust of the probes

Battles[edit | edit source]

Honor is earned through victorious battles (and this is increased (Bonus Honor) if you have Glory)

  • Base Honor is determined by the number of Drifters probes.
  • Every battle, a random percentage of the total Drifters enter battle against you.
  • The game counts how many million Drifters there are in the battle
  • Base Honor is how many million Drifters you killed (capped at 200) + Bonus Honor
  • Bonus Honor increases by +10 every consecutive victory, and is reset to 0 at every defeat.

You can lose Honor when you suffer a defeat in battle. The Honor lost depends on how many probes you lost, and while it's theoretically capped, there is a 50% probability that you enter the battle with many more ships that the Drifters, resulting in an almost guaranteed win. So in practical terms, you can lose ~200 Honor maximum for a defeat.

Projects[edit | edit source]

You can also gain Honor through these projects: