Microlattice Shapecasting

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Microlattice Shapecasting
7,500 ops
100% more wire supply from every spool

Microlattice Shapecasting is a project in Universal Paperclips.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Unlocked after wire supply exceeds 2600 inches.

Microlattice Shapecasting improves your output from each spool of wire. It is a prerequisite for Spectral Froth Annealment.

Log Line: "Using microlattice shapecasting techniques we now get 5,250 supply from every spool".

It does not increase your present supply of wire, but the increase applies to all new purchases.

Without this upgrade assuming you bought previous one you get 2625 paperclips from spool of wire (2625 inches) - at lowest price of $0.01 per clip you get $26.25 per spool.

After this upgrade - 5250 inches of wire per spool - meaning you will get $52.50 per spool at minimum.