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20,000 creat
Drones and Factories continuously gain speed while fully-powered

Momentum is a project in Universal Paperclips. It is unlocked when you reach 30 solar farms.

Summary[edit | edit source]

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This upgrade does not affect Swarm Computing, or power consumption of Drones or Factories. This is one of the more crucial projects for Stage 2. This project does not carry over to stage 3. Building plenty of Battery Towers is important to ensure that the bonus is never lost, keeping performance at maximum.

Without this project, fully powered drones and factories will operate at 100% performance. (Roughly 5 billion grams of matter/inches of wire per second for drones, and factories produce 100 billion paperclips per second) For comparison, at 5000% performance, a non-upgraded factory will produce 5 Trillion paperclips per second.

When acquired, this project will begin raising performance without an upper limit, increasing about 5% per second, unless power consumption is greater than production and battery tower storage is empty.