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Automatically calculates average revenue per second

RevTracker is a project in Universal Paperclips.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This project calculates, on average, how much funds you are getting every second from your clip sales. This, of course, depends on your Price Per Clip and Public Demand. This project is useful to calculate how long until you can afford something (in seconds).

Optimizing Income[edit | edit source]

To optimize income, first make sure you're having a positive inventory (you're producing at least as much as you're selling), by increasing the price enough. Then, lower the Price Per Clip until Public Demand grows high enough to keep your Unsold Inventory more or less stable (there are very few benefits from having a high stock). As long as you're selling above cost (which is extremely easy to do, if you're selling above $0.03) you're earning money. Just concentrate on producing the most paperclips, and selling most (but not all) of them.