Spectral Froth Annealment

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Spectral Froth Annealment
12,000 ops
200% more wire supply from every spool

Spectral Froth Annealment is a project in Universal Paperclips.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Spectral Froth Annealment is a Stage 1 project which increases your production from each spool of wire.

Unlocked once wire supply reaches or exceeds 5000.

Log Line: "Using spectral froth annealment we now get 15,750 supply from every spool."

Without this upgrade assuming you bought previous one you get 5250 paperclips from spool of wire (5250 inches) - at lowest price of $0.01 per clip you get $52.50 per spool.

After this upgrade - 15750 inches of wire per spool - meaning you will get $157.50 per spool at minimum.