Threnody for the Heroes

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"Deep Listening is listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what you are doing"

Threnody for the Heroes of <NameOfBattle>
50,000 creat
5,000 yomi
Gain 10,000 honor

Threnody for the Heroes of <NameOfBattle> is a project in Universal Paperclips.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This project is available (from game script)

This honor helps much with increasing Max Trust

It entails a longish "song" ("Riversong" by Tonto's Expanding Head Band) being played and thus you should be prepared if you are playing in a shared environment, especially if you don't want other people to notice!

This project is endlessly repeatable as long as the conditions are met (that is, until you reach a max trust higher than your desired probe trust), with random names (given from the names of battles you have fought), with increasing costs and fixed rewards of 10,000 honor each.

  • Creativity: 50k creat + 10k for each consecutive project (so, 60k on the 2nd one, 100k for the 6th one, etc.)
  • Yomi: 5k yomi + 1k for each consecutive project (so, 6k on the 2nd one, 10k for the 6th one, etc.)


If for some reason you leave the window/tab and come back between iterations of Threnody for the Heroes, the listed costs will appear to reset to 5,000 yomi and 50,000 creat, but the game will actually charge you at the next appropriate level.


A threnody is a wailing ode, a song of lamentation for the dead.

The song is actually a song called Riversong, by Tonto's Expanding Head Band.


the only way out of a circle is through the center

leap into stillness, grasp with empty hand

heaven lies close upon earth where an endless stream flows forth

embracing the space between world and beyond is like space between soul and another;

nothing and everything

as a blink shut nor open sees between

as heartbeat turns inward the silence between

as the breath rise and falling forms valleys between that river runs down from sky to the ground without making a sound

i am the river and rise into form to speak fly suffer


i am the river

i am the river but i am not the current

i am stuff what life is made of

i am color but not canvas

i carry life with me wherever i go and there's no end or beginning

though i am not a circle.