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Trust is a Computation Resource in Universal Paperclips.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Trust is the main upgrade measure of Stage 1. Trust governs how many processors and memory you have, which in turn govern the rate of operation/creativity generation per second and how many maximum operations are available at a given time(respectively). Trust is gained through projects, paperclip milestones and swarm computing.

You earn Trust by
  • Paperclips milestones (starting at 2000)
  • Some projects (see below)
You spend Trust in

Although usually Processors + Memory = Trust, you can still spend Trust on projects even if you've already spent it all into processors and memory, . However, you won't be able to spend more Trust on processors/memory until your total Trust is again more than Processors + Memory.

Milestones[edit | edit source]

You start with 2 Trust (message: "Trust-Constrained Self-Modification enabled") when you reach 2000 paperclips, already invested into 1 processor and 1 memory (which unlock operations). Afterwards, you earn 1 Trust when you reach certain paperclip milestones.

Paperclip milestones can increase your Trust above 100. There is just one reason to do it: if you overinvested in processors (over 30) and have too little memory to reach 70,000 operations in order to Release the HypnoDrones. As this will greatly slow your progress, we caution you against this in the strongest possible terms. In extreme cases you may need to use the cheats to reset your game, or the Xavier Re-initialization project (requires 100.000 creativity).

Milestones (number of total paperclips produced)
  • 3000
  • 5000
  • 8000
  • 13000

As you can see, they increase as a Fibonacci Sequence (the next number is the sum of the previous two). Giving some approximations (for total trust derived from paperclip milestones):

  • +10 Trust: 89.000 paperclips
  • +13: 377k
  • +15: 987k
  • +20: 11M
  • +25: 121M
  • +30: 1.3B
  • +35: 14.9B

As these numbers grow, depending on your business infrastructure and your investments progression, it may be easier to increase the Trust by creating more paperclips or by outright buying it through repeated uses of Another Token of Goodwill...

Projects[edit | edit source]

There are enough projects for 66 Trust before it caps and Trust starts to cost "just" money:

You cannot increase Trust above 100 with Projects. See above on Milestones for potential pitfalls.